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Alchemy Gothic Jewelry Stand Unicorn Alchemy Gothic Grimalkin's Ghost Black Cat & Skull Alchemy Gothic Black Rose Wall Mount/Alter Piece

The magical power of the unicorn rests in it's singularity for it is the sole survivor of an ancient lineage, who's fellows all perished in the great flood. It's unique horn is said to draw down the power of the moon.

This beautiful unicorn will look enchanting in your home and can be used as a ring holder on your dressing table. Why not accompany it with V37 Gestalon, creating that wonderful mix of bitter and sweet!

High quality cast resin and hand painted.

Feline familiar to the great french prophet and astrologer - Nostradamus, who having outlived his master, carried the seer's arcane wisdom from Paris to London where he eventually fell in with one William Shakespeare.

This stunning black cat and skull will look 'purrrrfect' on any mantle or in any abode.

High quality cast resin and hand painted.

The elemental pentacle protects the all powerful panacea of the black rose, set within a circle engraved with the sigils of five Arch Angels - Michael, Gabriel, Camael, Raphael and Anael.

This popular Alchemy design is brought to you as beautiful wall art or can also be used as a pagan alter piece.

High quality cast resin and hand painted with gold metallic high lights.

Alchemy Gothic Dragon Keepers Skull
Alchemy Gothic Dragon Keepers Skull
Our Price:$71.00 Exc GST

Omniscient skull of the first warlock to harness ultimate infernal potential of Nidhoggr, the dragon who dwelt beneath the roots of Yggdrasil - the world tree.

An elaborate life size skull and dragon model which will look impressive in any room of your home.