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Alchemy Gothic Count Magistus Money Box
Our Price:$30.00 Exc GST

Place your trust in a gentleman who's reputation is beyond reproach (and beyond the grave).

Resin Money Box

Weight & Dimensions (approx.): Approx. height 14.5cm.

Geistalon Unicorn Skull
Our Price:$44.00 Exc GST

The thundering phantom of a legendary armored stallion. With magnetic, removable horn.

Resin Unicorn Skull

Poe's Raven Skull
Our Price:$44.00 Exc GST

Inspiring Edgar Allan Poe, Master of the Macabre to give poetic voice to the Raven, "NEVERMORE". A cast resin, hand painted human skull, upon a stack of books with a black raven sat upon it. Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 200mm (7.87") W: 80mm (3.15") D: 100mm (3.94") Weight 673g (23.74oz)
Alchemy Gothic Angel of Hades Skull
Our Price:$45.00 Exc GST

Product Description:
Even in the deepest, darkest circles of hell redemption may rise on secret wings. Approx. height 13cm.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 12cm (4.72") W: 14cm (5.51") D: 17.5cm (6.89") Weight: 0.52kg (1.15oz)

Alchemy Gothic Crimson Demon Skull
Our Price:$50.00 Exc GST

Vermiculus, Archduke of Chaos and guide to the lost souls who fall through the shifting terror-scapes that make up the fractured topography of Hell.

LIfe size resin skull. Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 15cm (5.91") W: 12cm (4.72") D: 18.8cm (7.40")

Alchemy Gothic Black Rose Alchemist Skull
Our Price:$50.00 Exc GST

The life-size replica of the actual skull of the renowned philosopher - The Alchemist with it's 'gold canine tooth', and complete with his symbolic Black Rose of the Opus Magus.

Life size resin skull. Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 12.5cm (4.92") W: 13cm (5.12") D: 20cm (7.87")
(Please note neck jewellery dimensions are excluding the fastenings)

Metalized Alchemist Skull
Our Price:$54.00 Exc GST

A life-sized Alchemist's skull, immortalized in the mercurial lustre of the secret arts. With the traditional golden tooth.

Resin Skull

Alchemy Gothic Omega Skull
Our Price:$55.00 Exc GST

A life-sized Alchemist's skull, carved with the symbolic wisdom of 7000 years of history.

A signature design for the home or castle

A hollow, cast resin, bone-coloured and antiqued life-sized Alchemist's skull with mystical engravings upon its surface.

Alchemy Gothic Erasmus Darwin's Steam-Cerebrum Skull
Our Price:$65.00 Exc GST

The last and greatest creation to be attributed to the Bedlam Institute of Galvanic Studies.

A life sized, resin steampunk skull with metallic-finished components and a small stash drawer to one side; hand painted and finished.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 15.5cm (6.10") W: 16.5cm (6.50") L: 22.5cm (8.86") Weight 1.02kg (2.25lbs)

Boxed: H: 18.4cm (7.24") W: 19.3cm (7.60") L: 25.3cm (9.96")