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Alchemy Gothic Baphomet Leather Bracelet Wrist Wrap Cuff Alchemy Gothic - Cthulhu Rising Leather Cuff Wrist Wrap KILLSTAR Curse On U Bracelet [SILVER]
Framed upon the occultist's pentagram, Eliphas Levi's portrait and representation of the dualist, goat-headed deity symbolising the balance in everything, and notoriously known as the heretical subject of worship of the Knights Templar, in 1307 leading to their persecution and ultimately, their Friday 13'th downfall.

An Italian, 1 " wide, double black leather wriststrap with an antiqued pewter casting of a 3D modelled goat's head set over a large pentagram.

With adjustable, steel buckle fastener.
The giant god Cthulhu returns from the dead and his watery tomb at R'lyeh, to once again confront his aerial rival, Hastur.

A wide black leather wrist strap with a large, octopusian Cthulhu pewter casting; adjustable length, fastened with a buckle.

- Sculpted metal bracelet.
- Detailed, statement skull and bone design.
-Circumference: 24cm/9.4"

with KILLSTAR branding, 100% Metal alloy.
Alchemy Gothic Betrothal Bracelet (Disc.)