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Vamp Bracelet / Bangle - Alchemy Gothic
Our Price:$39.99 Exc GST

English pewter bracelet with a Swarovsky crystal drop of blood on the silver vampire fangs.
Alchemy Gothic Passion Bracelet / Bangle
Our Price:$47.00 Exc GST

A rococo masterpiece of romantic metaphor, with the crystal-flaming, blood-red enamelled heart of passion, entangled by swirling flora.

A classical piece of pure elegance

A sprung-hinged polished pewter bangle, with an enamelled heart of passion and a red Swarovski crystal flame.

Alchemy Gothic Claddagh By Night Bracelet
Our Price:$49.00 Exc GST

A polished pewter bangle portraying a gothic version of the Irish Claddagh; two skeletal arms with bony hands holding a red Swarovski crystal heart surmounted by a crown with a tiny skull.

The bangle can be adjusted to size by slowly and gently squeezing (or opening) with even pressure all around.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 28mm (1.10") W: 82mm (3.23") D: 10mm (0.39") Weight: 62g (2.19oz)

Alchemy Gothic Black Swan Wrist Wrap
Our Price:$49.00 Exc GST

A bracelet made of a narrow black leather wrist strap with a buckle fastening, mounting an elaborate Victorian style pewter frame holding a large, black diamond Swarovski crystal, engraved from behind with a dual black swans heart motif.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 32mm (1.26") W: 42mm (1.65") D: 10mm (0.39") Weight: 41g (1.45oz)

Alchemy Gothic Ouija Eye Bangle
Our Price:$49.00 Exc GST

An antiqued pewter 'seance' bangle with a full, raised alphabet and set of numbers around its shank, "Yes" and "No" on the ends and a realistic looking acrylic eye set into its centre with "Good Bye" beneath.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 27mm (1.06") W: 78mm (3.07") D: 7mm (0.28") Weight: 71g (2.50oz)

Alchemy Gothic Killing Fields bracelet
Our Price:$49.99 Exc GST

Assembled from the sobering deritus of all out war
Alchemy Gothic Dogaressa's Last Love Bracelet / Bangle
Our Price:$50.00 Exc GST

The once almighty power of the Doge of Venice was at an end. From the rich regalia of office, a last token of forlorn devotion from the bereaved, Renaissance Lady of the Palace.

A solid, polished pewter bangle of Baroque scrollwork, set with a large Swarovski crystal and with a matching crystal heart pendant.

Alchemy Gothic Pentagration Bracelet
Our Price:$50.00 Exc GST

Wide black leather wrist strap bearing large pewter pentagram motif, with buckle fastening.

Sizing/Capacity (approx.): ONE SIZE (adjustable)

Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 46mm (1.81") W: 278mm (10.94") D: 20mm (0.79") Weight 45g (1.59oz)

Alchemy Gothic Cthulhu Rising Bracelet
Our Price:$50.00 Exc GST

A wide black leather wrist strap with a large, octopusian Cthulhu pewter casting; adjustable length, fastened with a buckle.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.): H: 28mm (1.10") W: 63mm (2.48") D: 21mm (0.83") Weight: 65g (2.29oz)

Alchemy Gothic Devil Heart Bangle
Our Price:$53.00 Exc GST

A polished pewter enclosed bangle with two devil's tail-ends, and a horned, translucent, blood red enamelled 3D heart at its focus, set with a Swarovski white crystal on either side.