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Alchemy Gothic Sophia Serpent Ring
Our Price:$15.00 Exc GST

From ancient Greek philosophy, the Ouroboros, a snake-serpent eating its own tail, is the Gnostic symbol of eternity, rebirth and the unity of everything, representing both the sun and soul of the world.

A pewter Ouroboros ring of a serpent swallowing its own tail, and with Swarovski crystal-set eyes.

Alchemy Gothic Omega SKull Ring
Our Price:$25.00 Exc GST

The skull of the fount of all wisdom, The Alchemist, wearing his total, all-powerful esoteric knowledge as an indelible surface engraving.

A detailed twist on a classic piece of metalwear

A pewter Alchemist's skull ring, engraved across its entire surface with mysterious symbols and sigils.

Alchemy Gothic Evil Clown Ring
Our Price:$25.00 Exc GST

Not for the coulrophobic! The malevolent mien of a fiendish friend. Relief modelled Evil Clown's head ring.
Alchemy Gothic Angel's Eye Ring
Our Price:$27.00 Exc GST

His deep crystal eye is engraved with the pentagram from a seal of the archangel Metatron. Appearing in both the Apocrypha and the Talmud, Metatron was the ancestor of Noah who, according to Genesis, walked with God and was taken - to become an archangel.

An ethereal piece with a protective spell

A polished pewter eye ring engraved externally with angelic script, and set with a blue crystal cabochon eyeball, etched deep inside with the magical seal of an angel.

Alchemy Gothic Blood Heart Choker Pendant
Our Price:$30.00 Exc GST

The black roses and bloody red heart of dispassion, a telltale mark of the female corsair, amorous she wolf and destroyer of men's hearts.

A pearlescent-effect trans-red enamelled pewter heart necklace motif, flanked either side with roses with a black acrylic flower and on a split 38", (96cm) long, doubled, 7mm black ribbon necklace, to be hand tied.

Alchemy Gothic Uniskull Pendant
Our Price:$30.00 Exc GST

The true nature of the legendary unicorn of antiquity reveals a perfectly ferocious creature, capable of being pacified, and captured, only by a virgin.

An antiqued pewter, 3D modelled pendant of a unicorn's skull with projecting spiralled horn.

On a split black, 21"/48cm curb chain.

Killstar Baby Luna Necklace
Our Price:$30.00 Exc GST

Power of emotion and your inner mood.

- Made from Stainless Steel.
- Reinforced Design & Exceptional Quality.
- 1"/2.5cm Pendant.
- Chain is 28"/71cm. - 0.6 oz

We are all part of the moon's enormous power, an enigma so strong it controls the cycle of life - in her eternal games with the Sun.

Each necklace comes in a black velvet gift bag with KILLSTAR logo.

with KILLSTAR branding, 100% Stainless Steel.

Killstar Luna Ring
Our Price:$32.00 Exc GST

- Made from Stainless Steel.
- Reinforced Design & Exceptional Quality.
- Huge 1"/3cm Crescent Moon.
- 5g

Alchemy Gothic Passion Ring
Our Price:$35.00 Exc GST

The tortuous thorns of self sacrifice sparkle with hope and bleed with tears of Swarovski crystal.

An elegantly detailed piece for a touch of drama

A delicate pewter ring of tangled thorns, set with red and white Swarovski crystals.

Killstar Wicca Earrings
Our Price:$35.00 Exc GST

- Made from Stainless Steel.
- Reinforced Design & Exceptional Quality.
- Sterling Silver Ear-hooks.
- 2"/5cm.
100% Stainless Steel