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Alchemy Gothic Dante's Hex Pendant Alchemy Gothic David Bowie Flash Pendant Alchemy Gothic Mjollnir Pendant
Alchemy Gothic Dante's Hex Pendant
Our Price:$22.00 Exc GST
Alchemy Gothic Mjollnir Pendant
Our Price:$25.00 Exc GST
A simple but effective Mediaeval style pentagram, of a fashion that would be familiar to the great 13th Century mystic literary genius.

A detailed symbol of protection with mediaeval origins

A small pewter pentagram set within a circle.
Lightning bolt logo design based-on Bowie's early 1970s aesthetic. An antiqued English pewter pendant on 21" trace chain.

The name of Thor's magical hammer.

A solid pewter Hammer of Thor pendant.

Sizing/Capacity (approx.): Overall length22" (56cm).

Alchemy Gothic RIP Rose Pendant Necklace Alchemy Gothic Awaiting the Eventide Pendant Alchemy Gothic Love Cat Pendant
Alchemy Gothic Love Cat Pendant
Our Price:$27.00 Exc GST
Product Description:
Dark and deadly passion from beyond the grave.

A small pewter coffin lid-shaped pendant engraved with 'RIP' and set with a black resin rose flower.

On a fine 18" (46cm) trace chain.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.):H: 28mm (1.10") W: 12mm (0.47") D: 8mm (0.31") Weight: 9g (0.32oz)
(Please note neck jewellery dimensions are excluding the fastenings)

Fastening & Packaging:
Packaged in an Alchemy branded bag, including Alchemy Guarantee and care instructions.

Materials & Origin:
Designed and hand made in England in fine English pewter. (Lead, cadmium & nickel compliant)
A roosting vamp, silent and motionless, hungrily awaits the dusk.
  • Height : 42mm
  • Width : 13mm
  • Depth : 10mm
  • Weight : 18g
Feline love is only bestowed upon the most mysteriously exceptional individual.

Show your devotion to these creatures of the night.

A pewter heart-shaped pendant with cat's ears and the sculpted face of a cat part-concealed beneath a smoky grey transparent enamel.

Approximate Dimensions:
H: 35mm (1.38") W: 32mm (1.26") D: 4mm (0.16") Weight: 25g (0.88oz)
On a 21" (53cm) trace chain.
Pewter, Enamel
Alchemy Gothic Jormungand Pewter Pendant Alchemy Gothic Templars Bane Pewter Pendant Alchemy Gothic Seal of Lucifer Pendant Necklace
A child of the Norse god Loki, Jormungandr, the 'Midgard' or World Serpent is the greatest ouroboros. Encircling the ocean which surrounds the world; should the 'huge monster' release his own tail, the world will be at an end. The serpent's body is engraved with runes upon the front reading "Jormungandr Miogarosormr", which translates to 'Jormundgard the World Serpent'.

In Norse mythology, Jormungandr also known as the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent, is a sea serpent, the middle child of the giantess Angrbooa and Loki. According to the Prose Edda, Odin took Loki's three children by Angrbooa-the wolf Fenrir, Hel, and Jormungandr-and tossed Jormungandr into the great ocean that encircles Midgard. The serpent grew so large that it was able to surround the earth and grasp its own tail and therefore received the name World Serpent

An antiqued pewter pendant, Viking-style serpent-dragon biting it's own tail, making the form of a ring, and engraved on the front in runic and on the reverse with the serpent's names.

On a black cord which is adjustable by a black pewter slide fastener, up to 26" (70 cm) overall length.
The sigil of Baphomet, suffusing rectitude with the essence of corruption.

A neat Baphomet talisman.

A smaller Baphomet perfect for every day wear.
The 14th century and very very personal sign of the fallen angel, cast down from heaven for his power and PRIDE, the 7th and deadliest of sins - Isaiah 14:12-15.

A simple but meaningful pendant destined to be questioned!

Antiqued Pewter pendant etched with 'Lucifer' around the edge, with a black onyx disc inlaid. The onyx is engraved with the symbol of 'Lucifer'.

Product Description:
The fallen angel, breaker of the 7th deadly sin.

Antiqued Pewter pendant etched with 'Lucifer' around the edge, with a black onyx disc inlaid. The onyx is engraved with the symbol of 'Lucifer'.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.):H: 25mm (0.98") W: 19mm (0.75") D: 4mm (0.16") Weight: 10g (0.35oz)
(Please note neck jewellery dimensions are excluding the fastenings)

Fastening & Packaging:
Pendant hangs from a nickel-free chain with clasp fastener.

Packaged in an Alchemy branded bag, including Alchemy Guarantee and care instructions.

Materials & Origin:
Designed and hand made in England in fine English pewter. (Lead, cadmium and nickel compliant).
Alchemy Gothic Black Star Pendant Alchemy Gothic Petit Ouija Pendant Alchemy Gothic Red Curse Pendant
Alchemy Gothic Black Star Pendant
Our Price:$29.00 Exc GST
Alchemy Gothic Petit Ouija Pendant
Our Price:$29.00 Exc GST
Alchemy Gothic Red Curse Pendant
Our Price:$31.00 Exc GST

Supernatural forces leech from the Stygian pentacle.

A pewter, black enamelled, medium-sized pentagram pendant.

On a 21"/48cm trace chain.

Let the dead talk directly to you, and peep through a keyhole into the underworld with the eye of the cat, using the unparalleled mystical powers of a talking board.

Show your love for the occult with this ouija planchette necklace.

A pewter, smaller Ouija planchette pendant, featuring a red cat's eye set behind the sight hole.

On an 18", (46cm), trace chain plus a 50mm extender chain.
An Evil Eye amulet of great power enhanced by the underlying magical pentagram, to ward-off unmindful, malevolent curses from an erudite adversary.

A red, synthetic eye of a snake, set into a cast pewter human eye mounted on an arrow-headed pentagram.

On a 21" (53cm) trace chain.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width 1.46" x Height 1.54" x Depth 0.31"
21 inches
Fine English Pewter, Taxidermal Style Red Snake-like Eye
Killstar Draco Necklace Alchemy Gothic Sophia Serpent Pendant Alchemy Gothic Sacred Cat
Killstar Draco Necklace
Our Price:$33.00 Exc GST
Alchemy Gothic Sacred Cat
Our Price:$33.00 Exc GST

Awaken the darkness.

- Darkened Metal.
- Crescent Dragon.
- Reinforced Design.
- Exceptional Quality.
- Large 2"/5cm Pendant.
- Adjustable Strap, 12"/30cm.

The brave didn't kill dragons. The brave rode them! The 'Draco' necklace features a darkened metal-finish pendant on a black strap with an extender to adjust the size.

Match perfectly with a black dress or yer fav shirts & blouses.

100% Metal.

From ancient Greek philosophy, the Ouroboros, a snake-serpent eating its own tail, is the Gnostic symbol of eternity, rebirth and the unity of everything, representing both the sun and soul of the world.

A pewter serpent eternity ring pendant with a green Swarovski crystal eye.

On a split curb chain, 19", (48cm), overall.
The face of the imperious feline deity preening itself to perfection, from either side projecting its aura of confident supremacy.

One side is a mirror, while the other is the face of the Sacred Cat.

Check you feline beauty with this perfectly proportioned mirror necklace.

A miniature, highly ornamental pewter hand mirror pendant, 3' (75mm) long, in the form of the stylised face of a cat.

On a 21" (53cm) trace chain.
Alchemy Gothic - Dragon Skull Pewter Pendant KILLSTAR Baby Luna Necklace [SILVER] Alchemy Gothic La Mort de Coeur Pendant (Disc.)
Dragon Skull

Primitive ferocity unleashed.

A fierce classic

A pewter pendant of the skull of a dragon.

Power of emotion and your inner mood.

- Made from Stainless Steel.
- Reinforced Design & Exceptional Quality.
- 1"/2.5cm Pendant.
- Chain is 28"/71cm.                                                                                    

We are all part of the moon's enormous power, an enigma so strong it controls the cycle of life - in her eternal games with the Sun.

With KILLSTAR branding, 100% Stainless Steel.
Tragic death of the heart; set with Swarovski crystals.
  • Height : 38mm
  • Width : 33mm
  • Depth : 5mm
  • Weight : 17g
Alchemy Gothic Dark Wolf Pendant Alchemy Gothic Sombre Desire Pewter Pendant Alchemy Gothic Ruah Vered Pendant
Alchemy Gothic Dark Wolf Pendant
Our Price:$33.00 Exc GST
Alchemy Gothic Ruah Vered Pendant
Our Price:$34.00 Exc GST
A subtle token of love, devotion and strength.
  • Height : 25mm
  • Width : 17mm
  • Depth : 4mm
  • Weight : 9g
Oh but to resist these wicked desires!

Show your darkest love for the creature of the night with this striking pendant.

A striking bat pendant, in blackened pewter with a blood red enamel inlaid heart.

The spirit and the 'Breath of Life', entwined with the romantic and sensual rose of faithful love.

A detailed pewter pentagram entwined with a black petalled rose

On a 21" trace chain.

KILLSTAR Choker [SILVER] KILLSTAR Deadheart Velvet Choker [BLACK] Alchemy Gothic Nosferatu's Rest Pendant
Our Price:$35.00 Exc GST

I donít rise from the ashes, I make them.

- Silver Finish.
- Black Resin.
- Bat Wings Detail.
- Reinforced Design.
- Exceptional Quality.
- Size - L: 37cm/14.6", Diameter: 2cm/0.8".

Spook up yer fav lookz with the 'Darkling' choker; combining a luxe silver finish with the bat wings design pendants featuring a black resin cabochon.

Match with your fav black dress/shirt/knit; any day of the week!

with KILLSTAR branding, 100% Alloy Metal.

There's no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.

- Statement Choker.
- Heart Charm.
- Contrasting Hardware.
- Reinforced Design.
- Exceptional Quality.

Invoke your inner goddess or simply accessorize like a queen - the 'Deadheart' velvet choker will instantly inject a magical spark to yer daily rituals. Featuring a statement heart charm and silver hardware. Ready to sparkle like the cosmos!

Match with anything - the adventure awaits you!

with KILLSTAR branding, 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane.
The unforgettable spectre of Murnau's dreaded Count Orlok. Encapsulated in a smoke glazed pewter coffin, the count is viewed in his matinal retreat.

A vision of the macabre for the vampire sympathiser

A pewter coffin pendant containing a ghost-white resin figure of Nosferatu beneath a translucent smoked enamel.
Alchemy Gothic Wounded By Love Pendant Alchemy Gothic - Mammon of The Deep Pendant Alchemy Gothic Eye of Providence Pendant
The naked and vulnerable heart of an innocent romantic, pierced through by the reality of a foredoomed and ill-fated romance.

A bitter-sweet symbol of love.

A small pewter pendant of a raised and trans-red enamelled heart, pierced by the stem of a rose, with a black resin rose bloom.

On split, trace chain, 18", (46cm), overall length plus a 50mm extender chain.
A rapacious treasure-hoarding demon from the watery abyss, guardian of immeasurable wealth, surrendered by the forlorn victims of the cruel seas.; symbol of the Black Beach, the 'Plage Noir'.

A piece created in collaboration with 'Plage Noir' Festival!

A pewter octopus pendant with the body in the form of a human skull, and clutching a black graphite cabochon in its tentacles.
The all-seeing eye of God and the cosmic moon to watch over you.
  • Height : 44mm
  • Width : 42mm
  • Depth : 16mm
  • Weight : 30g
Alchemy Gothic Blacksoul Pendant Alchemy Gothic Talismanik Pendant Alchemy Gothic Ankh of the Dead Pendant Necklace
Alchemy Gothic Blacksoul Pendant
Our Price:$39.00 Exc GST
Alchemy Gothic Talismanik Pendant
Our Price:$39.00 Exc GST
The black demon heart of a gothic seductress, nocturnally enticing her prey with ravishing enchantment.
  • Height : 35mm
  • Width : 54mm
  • Depth : 6mm
  • Weight : 22g
A stunning and powerfully positive talisman of protection.
  • Height : 43mm
  • Width : 88mm
  • Depth : 6mm
  • Weight : 36g
The modern vampyre's talisman of eternity, incorporating its secret life-blood blade inside the symbolic scabbard, engraved with Egyptian hieroglyphs: The Eye of Horus (for good health), Ankh (the triumph of life over death), Djed Pillar (stability), and Shen (infinity).

A timeless talisman for eternal life

An antiqued pewter, ankh with removable dagger (on safety chain). Set inside a scabbard, engraved with ancient Egyptian symbols.