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Check our Facebook & Instagram feed for new items and deals. Madame Yes is your alternative to the mainstream since 2005. Clothing, footwear, jewellery, accessories & home decor for men and women. Although we don't like to limit ourselves with labels, some words that might describe our clothing include: alternative, punk, rockabilly, retro, goth, vintage, pinup, & more. Our top brands include Killstar, Alchemy Gothic, Lux de Ville, Pinup Couture, Lucky 13, Tripp NYC, T.U.K, Demonia, Hell Bunny, Manic Panic, Sourpuss, Too Fast, Jawbreaker, and more. We have dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, heels, boots, umbrellas, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, wallets, purses, artwork, leggings, pants, belts, socks, stockings, t-shirts, jackets, coats, gloves, sunglasses, skulls, pillows, and much more.

Sourpuss Haunted Cats Hand Towel Set Killstar Cthulhu Plush Toy Sourpuss Plaid Bonnie Skirt Green
Killstar Cthulhu Plush Toy
Our Price:$39.00 Exc GST
Sourpuss Plaid Bonnie Skirt Green
Our Price:$66.00 Exc GST
Killstar Elemental Earrings silver Killstar Witchnet Strap Mesh Top Sourpuss Magnolia Top Black
Killstar Elemental Earrings silver
Our Price:$45.00 Exc GST
Killstar Witchnet Strap Mesh Top
Our Price:$42.00 Exc GST
Sourpuss Magnolia Top Black
Our Price:$58.00 Exc GST
Sourpuss Hula Gal Dish Tea Towel Blackcraft Spirits Of The Dead Tank Top Blackcraft Never Trust The Living Crop Tee
Sourpuss Hula Gal Dish Tea Towel
Our Price:$17.00 Exc GST
Demonia Glam 110 Black Velvet ankle boots heels Blackcraft Witches do it Better t-shirt black Blackcraft Sunday Sermon Men's Tee - 2X
Hell bunny Cherie 50's Skirt Black Alchemy Old Silver Studs Top Sourpuss Jungle Princess one-piece swim suit
Hell bunny Cherie 50's Skirt Black
Our Price:$47.00 Exc GST
Alchemy Old Silver Studs Top
Our Price:$41.00 Exc GST

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Top Sellers

Pinup Couture Shoes Flapper 11 kitten heels pink
Our Price:$73.00 Exc GST
$50.00 In-store Gift Certificate
Our Price:$50.00 Exc GST
Killstar La Luna Earrings
Our Price:$40.00 Exc GST
Pinup Couture Wiggle-32 Heels Shoes Mary Jane Pump
Our Price:$74.00 Exc GST

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