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Check our Facebook page for weekly sales. Madame Yes is your alternative to the mainstream since 2005, specializing in music-inspired clothing and footwear for men and women, jewellery, accessories & home decor. Although we don't like to limit ourselves with labels, some words that might describe our clothing include: alternative, punk, rockabilly, goth, vintage, steam punk, glam, pinup, retro, rock, club-wear, metal, ... the list goes on. Online, we are featuring only a small sampling of the top brands we carry, including Iron Fist, Lucky 13, Tripp NYC, T.U.K., Demonia, H&R London, Hell Bunny, Dr. Martens, Sourpuss, and more. Welcome to our online store (please also stop in at our retail store where we have a massive inventory of more than 6,000 products).

Killstar Lucipurr Patch Alchemy Gothic Amon-Ra Pendant Killstar Omen Sigil Fedora Hat
Killstar Lucipurr Patch
Our Price:$9.00 Exc GST
Alchemy Gothic Amon-Ra Pendant
Our Price:$66.00 Exc GST
Killstar Omen Sigil Fedora Hat
Our Price:$77.00 Exc GST
TUK Red Knot Ankle Heels Alchemy Gothic Pentagration Pendant Killstar Purr Evil I Can't Hear Ya
TUK Red Knot Ankle Heels
Our Price:$69.00 Exc GST
Alchemy Gothic Pentagration Pendant
Our Price:$25.00 Exc GST
Killstar Purr Evil I Can't Hear Ya
Our Price:$35.00 Exc GST
Killstar Binx Handbag Alchemy Gothic M'era Luna Crescent Earrings Alchemy Gothic Magic Ram Horn Faux Ear Stretcher Earrings
Killstar Binx Handbag
Our Price:$58.00 Exc GST
Spin Doctor Lucine London Tartan Skirt Killstar Night Marry Robe Alchemy Gothic Triple Goddess Earrings
Killstar Night Marry Robe
Our Price:$77.00 Exc GST
Killstar Thumper Gothic Kawaii Hoodie Alchemy Gothic Omega Skull Kustom Kreeps Western Button Down Green
Killstar Thumper Gothic Kawaii Hoodie
Our Price:$105.00 Exc GST
Alchemy Gothic Omega Skull
Our Price:$55.00 Exc GST

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Top Sellers

TUK Peacock antipop heels
Our Price:$69.99 Exc GST
Manic Panic Hair Dye Classic Semi-Permanent
Our Price:$16.00 Exc GST
$50.00 In-store Gift Certificate
Our Price:$50.00 Exc GST

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